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an imaginary tree



digital imaging






URBAUM is multiple ideas of a tree

a tree that is all trees 

in space and time

tall, grounded, ramified

a moment in life

an instant of perception





On October 7th 2021 we premiered URBAUM in the Lichtturm in Solingen, Germany. During the following three days we performed in the evenings and presented an audiovisual installation opened to the public in the afternoons.


The music was composed and performed by Christopher Collings and Juan Verdaguer, the dyed fabrics were created by Hannah Montoux-Mie and the projections were programmed by Germán Greiner.


Music - Soundscapes - Performance

Christopher Collings

Juan Verdaguer

Dyed Fabrics - Installation

Hannah Montoux-Mie

Digital Imaging - Projections

Germán Greiner

Lichtturm Solingen